Do you or your partner snore? Chances are if your partner snores it is affecting your sleep too. Snoring can disrupt sleep and eventually affect relationships. The sound of snoring is caused by a narrow airway. The loud sound is made when the walls of the throat vibrate. Snoring tends to interrupt and prevent a deep and restful sleep and can be very unhealthy.

So, what can be done to prevent snoring and help you or your family members get a good night’s sleep? Snoring aids and devices like CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines, mouth guards and chin straps all have benefits and limitations to their use.

This article concerns chin straps and the way they work. Chin straps are made from stretchable Velcro and sit on the outside of your face and jaw. They hold the jaw forward and open the airway. It works from the moment you put it on and can help with snoring immediately.  It allows the airway to be unrestricted and lets the air pass through easily. For individuals who don’t experience any benefit from CPAP machines or mouth guards, finding alternatives can be difficult and frustrating. However, unlike other anti-snoring devices, you don’t have to wear anything inside the mouth like a mouth guard and you don’t have to be connected to a machine all night.

Chin straps should be used by people who open their mouth when they sleep as it holds the mouth closed and instantly stops snoring. You will wake up rested, refreshed and without a dry mouth.

If you’ve been looking for alternatives to CPAP machines and mouth guards then a comfortable chin strap could help. Chin straps can come in different sizes and colours and are a gentle and effective way of instantly helping your snoring problem.

As one of the easiest products to use, chin straps can help everyone in your family who is affected by snoring. Keep in mind that straps work best for sleepers who don’t move around a lot in their sleep as it must stay in place to work effectively. Most chin straps are adjustable and comfortable to wear all night and could be your anti-snoring solution.