Sometimes getting insurance is a lengthy and arduous process but we all know how important Dental Health Insurance can be. But, is it worth it?

In most situations, you will be paying a monthly fee for your dental health insurance and – unlike medical insurance – you will be given a maximum annual coverage or benefit limit. For more Australians, this limit is between $1,000 and $2,000 and the majority of Australians never exceed their maximum benefit. This means you may never surpass your coverage limit and won’t be out of pocket. If you’re looking to have more advanced, technical procedures like root canals and crowns or bridges, you may be looking at more out of pocket costs as the price will exhaust your annual benefit limit.

Generally, your monthly dental premium will cover the basics necessary to maintain good oral health. This will include exams and cleanings and some X-Rays may be covered as well. Basic procedures like fillings may also be available under your insurance plan. Otherwise, some plans may just require a ‘gap’ payment.

The most important thing to note is, dental health insurance and oral health treatment plans are there for preventive care. They focus on looking after your teeth and dental hygiene now so no problems arise in the future.

Most insurers will have their own ‘recommended’ clinics and dentists, and this can sometimes mean a reduced fee if you have insurance with that company. On the other hand, some dentists also have preferred providers and may offer incentives for clients who take out insurance with certain businesses.

It is important to do your research in regard to dental health insurance and make sure you’re asking the right questions in regards to: what dental procedures you are likely to need soon and how much you will pay for the insurance. It is also vital to keep in mind which procedures are covered and which aren’t.

If you’re looking to purchase dental health insurance, you will be taking a step into the right direction with regards to your oral hygiene and health. Having dental insurance allows you to maintain good dental care and regular checkups without worrying about your upfront fees. Talk to Manningham Dentist today for more information.