At King Street Dental, we believe that dental care begins at an early age. We encourage parents to arm themselves with the information they need to care for their children’s dental health as early as possible. With the right techniques, it is possible to care for children even before their teeth break through gums in infancy.

Caring for Baby Teeth

During the teething process, massaging a baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth or clean finger will help with inflammation and discomfort as primary teeth erupt through the gums.

Once teeth start to develop, you can use a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste to clean the gums using a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse your baby’s mouth and clean hard to reach places after every meal.

Caring for a Toddler’s Teeth

When children are old enough to start brushing their teeth, paying close attention to their brushing technique and developing good habits early can save you many stressful visits to the dentist, as well as dental treatment costs. Encourage your child to brush correctly and for the proper amount of time by making brushing fun with flavoured toothpastes.

By age 10, most children are able to floss their teeth on their own without supervision.

Preserving Dental Health Through Diet

We understand that it might be difficult to check each and every day whether your child is brushing their teeth correctly. By keeping a close eye on your child’s diet, however, you can reduce the chances of abrasive foods damaging delicate tooth enamel. Bad bacteria thrive on sugary residue left behind by certain foods. Acidic drinks can wear away tooth enamel and a lack of healthy vegetables and whole grain foods can leave the mouth vulnerable to infection. A healthy diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as probiotic foods like yoghurt, all help to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth.

Regular Dental Check-Ups for Children

The effort you put into caring for your children’s teeth can be maximised by taking them for regularly scheduled dental check-ups at King Street Dental. Our experienced dentists focus on children’s dentistry, which means that we detect potential dental issues in children early and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Custom Mouth Guards for Active Children

For active children who love playing sports, the risk of damaged teeth due to impact can be significant. Help protect them against potential dental injuries by purchasing a custom-made mouth guard from an expert dentist. This protects from most kinds of impact and can save them a lot of pain and dental procedures.

Paediatric Dentistry and Emergency Dental Services

It is never too early to start caring for your child’s dental health. By cultivating good dietary habits and brushing technique from an early age, you can give them the best chance of going through life with excellent dental health, which plays a vital role in overall wellbeing. Contact King Street Dental for emergency dental problems, or book a thorough check-up for your child today!