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When you’ve suffered a dental emergency, it’s vital that you seek treatment as soon as possible to ensure the damage doesn’t cause further complications. Even tooth pain can be a sign of something more problematic below the surface. At King Street Dental Group, we offer emergency dental services in Templestowe, Doncaster and the surrounding Manningham areas.

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Emergency Dental Service

When to See an Emergency Dentist

Many people don’t see a simple toothache as an emergency, expecting it to pass eventually. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can lead to more severe problems in the future. It’s best to have your mouth quickly evaluated so we can cross out the worst possibilities.

There are certain dental injuries that shouldn’t be neglected, including knocked out, chipped or cracked teeth, broken dental hardware such as braces and permanent retainers, broken fillings and crowns, and more. When these issues are ignored, there can be serious implications. The damage may lead to cavities, severe pain and the possibility of further, extensive dental procedures later on.

There are ways to manage your tooth injury until you have the chance to see your emergency dental clinic, which we have highlighted below.

Handling a Toothache

Tooth pain has a wide variety of causes; it may be bruxism (teeth grinding), cavities, gum disease, an exposed root, or even an ear or sinus infection. That is why it is important to consult both your doctor and your dentist if you’re having significant, consistent tooth pain.

In the meantime, taking paracetamol or ibuprofen – whichever over-the-counter pain medication you would normally take for headaches, can reduce associated pain and inflammation. A cold compress on the outside of your cheek may also help for pain around the jaws.

Coping with a Lost Crown

If you’ve lost a crown and still have it, rinse the inside and contact your dentist as soon as possible. If it is still suitable, your dentist can reattach the crown for you; otherwise, we will advise you of an alternative treatment. Do not try to re-attach it yourself.

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

If you have the tooth, gently rinse any dirt away from the root. As soon as possible after it has fallen out, we recommend putting the tooth in a small cup of milk or saline to encourage cell growth and prevent the tooth from drying out. Call your emergency dentist straight away because the sooner we can re-insert the tooth, the better chance we have of saving it.

When a Filling Falls Out

If you have lost a filling, it is best to contact your dentist straight away, regardless of whether it is hurting or not. The open area in your tooth is highly susceptible to bacteria and infection, and prompt treatment can prevent more complex and costly dental services down the track.

Get in Touch with Your Emergency Dental Clinic

King Street Dental Group operates Monday to Saturday, but we’re always on hand to answer emergency phone calls after hours. If you sustain an injury, have a severe toothache or have lost a crown or cap, contact our friendly team at (03) 8842 4506 to make your appointment or book online.

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