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Your Trusted Orthodontics Team in Templestowe and Manningham

Our Treatments and services are provided in a comfortable setting

Your Trusted Orthodontics Team in Templestowe and Manningham

At King Street Dental Group, we offer the most advanced orthodontic treatments for adults, teens, and children in the Templestowe and Manningham regions of Melbourne.

Our team of specialists brings a fresh and innovative approach to Orthodontics in Templestowe and Manningham. The combination of advanced treatments, flexible options, comfortable environments, and friendly staff makes up the unique King Street Dental Group experience.

At our Templestowe orthodontics clinic you will discover a range of modern options including the virtually invisible Invisalign system which is perfect for adults, along with orthodontics for children that are far less painful, intrusive and embarrassing than the old metal braces systems.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your goals, providing extra care that instil a sense of confidence and wellbeing right from the start.

Experience the difference of personalised orthodontics treatment at King Street Dental Group. We are here to make your journey to a better smile as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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Revolutionary Orthodontics Treatment in Templestowe



At King Street Dental Group, we offer Clarity braces – a truly transformative solution in Orthodontics.
These braces are small, robust, comfortable, and extremely discreet, making them an ideal choice for our
patients in Templestowe and Manningham.



Invisalign is one of the most sought-after treatments at our Orthodontics clinic. Given its convenience
and effectiveness, it’s easy to understand why it’s a top pick among our patients seeking Orthodontics
treatment in Manningham.


Teeth Whitening

We believe that a natural, confident smile is one of life’s most valued assets. At King Street Dental
Group, we strive to provide such smiles with our comprehensive orthodontics in Templestowe.

The Distinct King Street Dental Group Experience

From the moment you step into our Orthodontics clinic in Templestowe or Manningham, to the joy of completing your Orthodontics treatment journey, our mission is to provide you with an unrivalled experience. Our team of orthodontists, treatment coordinators, oral health therapists, dental assistants, receptionists, and more are committed to helping you achieve your smile goals with flexible and effective treatment options.

We take pride in celebrating the journey with each of our patients in Melbourne. Therefore, at the end of your treatment journey at King Street Dental Group, you will receive a unique keepsake to help you remember key milestones and celebrate the moments in between.

Why Choose Our Templestowe Dental Clinic?


Your dentist in Templestowe and Manningham for over 30 years
Multiple locations for your convenience
Patient-friendly approach at our dental clinic in Templestowe
On-the-spot private health insurance claims
Early orthodontic treatment for the best start to oral health
HICAPS terminal and EFTPOS available at our Templestowe dental clinic
Qualified and experienced team at our Templestowe dental clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

At King Street Dental Group, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments including traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and short-term braces. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing effective and personalised Orthodontics treatment in Templestowe and Manningham.

King Street Dental Group at Templestowe and Manningham is part of the Care Family Dental Group which has three other locations spread across Melbourne including Toorak, Sunshine and Port Melbourne.

Our orthodontists are highly respected professionals who have taught Orthodontics to dental students at renowned universities. They bring their expertise to our Orthodontics clinic in Templestowe and Manningham, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

At King Street Dental Group, your Orthodontics treatment journey will be customised to your unique needs. From your initial consultation at our Templestowe clinic to the final reveal of your beautiful smile, our local team will guide you every step of the way. We also celebrate the journey with each of our patients, offering a unique keepsake at the end of the treatment to commemorate the transformation.

Scheduling a visit to our Orthodontics clinic in either Templestowe or Manningham is easy. Simply call us at (03) 8842 4506 for more information.

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