Great oral health is incredibly important. Not only does it make for a gorgeous smile, but it’s also an important indicator of your overall health. Of course, there are obvious signs of poor dental health, such as cavities, loose teeth and never visiting the dentist. But there are other signs that your mouth is in healthy shape, such as these following five criteria.

1. White Healthy Teeth

A bright, white smile is about more than just aesthetics. They can also signify good oral health Several things can cause yellowish stains on your teeth, such as gingivitis, dental decay, tobacco usage, and more. One of the best ways to keep a bright white smile is to have a good dental hygiene routine. Therefore, if your teeth are naturally white, you’re doing something right!

2. Pink, Firm, Healthy Gums

Your gums should be pink and firm to the touch, rather than swollen, red, or tender. Red gums can be an indication of poor oral hygiene and gum disease. Gums that are too pale, on the other hand, might be a sign of anaemia. There should also be no flaps or pockets in the gums, and they should lie flush against your teeth. Lastly, it is important that they aren’t receding, so your teeth look longer. If you’ve avoided any of these issues, and your gums are pink and firm, you likely have healthy gums!

3. Your Gums Don’t Bleed

Bleeding gums while flossing or brushing are a sign that you may have gingivitis. This is an infection in the gums and the earliest stage of gum disease. Gingivitis usually occurs due to poor oral hygiene, which allows bacteria to build up along your gum line and cause your gums to become inflamed. If you find your gums don’t bleed when brushing or flossing, that’s generally a great sign for your dental health!

4. Clean Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be caused by a variety of factors, but having pleasant, clean breath and a decent taste in your mouth is usually a great sign of a healthy mouth. It means that your mouth is generally free of bacteria and food particles associated with bad breath. Bad breath can also be indicative of dry mouth, stomach issues, tonsillitis or other issues. Clean breath is a good sign that these health issues are not occurring.

5. No Sensitivity

Minor tooth sensitivity can occur from time to time. However, persistent sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink is a sign of deteriorating enamel. Your dental enamel is key to safeguarding the root of your tooth. When it wears away, it exposes the dentin layer of your tooth, which has tiny, microscopic tubules that provide access to the nerve. Without your enamel intact, the nerve of your tooth is exposed to outside stimuli. By keeping your teeth in good health with a proper oral hygiene routine, you can ensure you’ll be able to enjoy hot and cold beverages.

Protect Your Oral Health with Regular Dental Services

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