A toothache is a sign that something is wrong with your tooth or gums. You can experience tooth pain in or around the affected tooth. In some cases, your toothache can be referred pain, meaning it’s caused by a problem elsewhere in your body.

Either way, you should never ignore a toothache as the problem causing it can get worse if left untreated. Below we look at some common causes of toothaches and what to do about them. Contact your dentist for tooth pain relief as soon as you can. Visit King Street Dental Group for comprehensive dental care by Dentist Templestowe.

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common cause of a toothache. Tooth decay, also called cavities or caries, are caused by bacteria feeding on sugar and releasing acids that slowly create holes in the enamel, or hard outer surface, of your teeth. Tooth decay is caused by a variety of factors, including bacteria in your mouth, sugary drinks, poor oral hygiene, poor diet and frequent snacking.

If left untreated, these holes gradually get larger and begin affecting deeper layers of your teeth. Once tooth decay reaches the inner layer of pulp in your tooth, it can cause a dental abscess, which is a pus infection near your tooth or in the pulp inside your tooth. Book an appointment with your dentist for toothache relief as soon as you notice symptoms to avoid these complications.

2. Impacted Tooth

A toothache or sensitive tooth pain can also be caused by an impacted tooth. This is when one of your teeth becomes stuck in your gum tissue or bone. As a result, it can’t erupt above the gumline or grow properly. This most commonly happens with wisdom teeth and treatment typically involves removing them.

3. Sinusitis

A common cause of referred pain toothache is sinusitis. This is a condition where your sinuses become inflamed due to a viral, bacterial or fungal infection affecting your sinus cavity. You can experience pain in your upper teeth when affected by sinusitis because the roots of your upper teeth are close to your sinuses.

4. Heart and Lung Issues

Heart disease and lung cancer can also cause toothaches due to the location of your vagus nerve. This nerve runs from your brain, passing through your jaw to various organs in your body, including your heart and lungs. A toothache can sometimes be a warning sign of an impending heart attack.

5. Rare Neurological Disorders

Trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia are both painful neurological conditions that inflame or irritate your trigeminal and occipital nerves. These nerves service your skull, face and teeth. When they become inflamed, pain can sometimes feel like it’s coming from your teeth.

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