When it comes to dental terminology, things can get a bit confusing. Various terms are used to categorise certain procedures and these can mean different things. Many patients make the mistake of opting for temporary dentures due to their initially low cost and apparent convenience, however, each type of denture plays a particular role and must be restricted to its specific function.

In this blog, King Street Dental discusses the difference between permanent and temporary dentures, as well as their advantages.

What are Temporary Dentures?

If you have recently had teeth removed and your dentist immediately placed short term dentures your teeth, they would be considered temporary dentures. They act as teeth while your mouth is still healing from the treatment.

Temporary dentures are also called transitional dentures or immediate dentures.

What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures, also called replacement dentures, are designed and customised to fit your gums once they are healed so a perfect fit is created.

What are Temporary and Permanent Dentures Made of?

Most dentures are made using polymethyl methacrylate resin. Opting for temporary dentures made with this material can be a waste of money because they are going to be removed within a short period of time. We recommend choosing temporary dentures made with basic materials so that you can opt for high-quality resin dentures for the long run.

Temporary Vs Permanent Dentures

Read below for in depth information on the differences between these kinds of dentures:

Not a Perfect Fit

Temporary dentures are often thicker and bulkier than permanent dentures. Since they are not a perfect fit, they can feel foreign and a bit uncomfortable. The mouth is a sensitive region and even the slightest changes are easily perceived.

Due to the imperfect fit, temporary dentures may need to be realigned every few weeks.

Difference in Price

A quality set of permanent dentures is an investment, as it should be. Permanent dentures will be with you for life and by choosing a good set, you can rest assured that they will perform perfectly and require significantly less maintenance than temporary or low-quality dentures.

Permanent dentures are also worth the investment, cosmetically speaking. A quality set of dentures will fit your jaw perfectly and look so natural that nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them.

Choosing temporary dentures because they are cheaper than turn out to be more costly in the future. Constant visits to the dentist for realignment and dental complications caused by prolonged use of temporary dentures can be a real hassle!

Dental Implant Experts in Melbourne

Temporary dentures are an excellent way to replace teeth on a short-term basis, and to allow you to use your teeth while your mouth heals from a surgical procedure. At King Street Dental, we highly recommend that our patients take the seemingly big step of opting for permanent dentures. In the long run, there is no replacement for a set of quality resin dentures which are custom made to fit the shape of your jaw. Call us now to ask all your denture related questions, or book an appointment with us today!