Do you suffer from anxiety when you go to visit the dentist? Our fear can often prevent us from having much needed dental treatment. Why not try sleep dentistry and wake up with a new smile. All your treatment done whilst you are asleep. No need to remember a single thing during that whole procedure. Sleep dentistry is suitable for patients needing treatments such as dental implant, mini implant, multiple fillings, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth removal, and paediatric dentistry.

Sleep dentistry services are ideal for patients who….

  • Fear going to the dentist
  • Require complex treatment
  • Have difficulty achieving the desired effects of local anaesthetic even with multiple injections and /or have gag reflex.
  • Want the majority of dental work done in a short time.
  • Hate injections/needles, noises, smells, and taste associated with dental care.

No need to wait for a specialist in long queues. You can have that much needed treatment done in a matter of weeks. Call us now on 9841 8033 to book in your next consultation with our experience dentist or alternatively you can book online.