Root Canal Treatment in Templestowe

Root canal treatment commonly involves removing the inflamed or infected dental pulp. The dental pulp is the part of the tooth that allows us to feel temperature and alerts you to the presence of a problem like tooth decay. When bacteria enter the pulp through cracks, decay or following a bump or knock to the tooth, the pulp becomes inflamed and the tooth and surrounding area will become sore. Common symptoms are increased sensitivity to temperature (hot and cold), spontaneous aching, pain with biting or pressure and swelling. Any of those symptoms may indicate the need for root canal treatment.


Below are the treatment steps:

  1. The infected pulp is removed at the first appointment.
  2. Any possible abscesses are to be drained at this time.
  3. The root canal is then cleaned and shaped for the filling.
  4. A temporary filling is inserted.
  5. The tooth is left to settle.
  6. The tooth is checked at a later visit.
  7. When all infection has cleared the tooth is permanently filled/or crowned.

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