A permanent or ‘fixed’ retainer is a piece of metal wire attached to the inner side of your teeth, usually after braces are removed. Metal wires are glued to the teeth to hold them in place so that they cannot move back to their original position.

Retainers are appliances you should wear once you remove your braces. They are either permanent or removable.

A permanent or fixed retainer is a piece of metal wire attached to the inner side of your teeth. The metal wire is glued to your teeth to hold them in place so that they don’t move back to their pre-braces position, undoing all the years you spent wearing braces!

A clinic like King Street Dental may prescribe a removable retainer for the upper teeth and a fixed retainer for the lower part of the jaw. Fixed or permanent retainers are a popular choice among those looking for convenience.

Are Permanent Retainers the Right Choice for You?

A permanent retainer, also known as a lingual wire, is attached to the back surfaces of the teeth using a bonding glue.

They are used to ensure that your teeth do not shift back to their original position after treatment using braces. The advantage of permanent retainers is that they can be relied upon to hold teeth in place unlike removable retainers.

Permanent retainers are fixed in place, which gives many people the confidence to speak normally, unlike removable retainers which can fall out or become loose. You won’t lose a retainer, nor will you have to worry about maintenance and cleaning.

Two of the most significant advantages of permanent retainers are:

  1. Retainers fixed directly to the teeth are the most precise when it comes to holding your teeth in place.
  2. Installed behind the teeth using simple wires, permanent retainers are subtle and discreet. This is helpful for people who feel they might be self-conscious with removable retainers.

Caring for Permanent Retainers

While permanent retainers are much more convenient than removable ones, they can become neglected over time since they are so discreet. If you have permanent retainers, be sure to never miss any of your scheduled visits to your dentist. Your dentist will provide you with in depth instructions on how to properly care for your retainers as they can become a breeding ground for bad breath-causing bacteria. Over time, plaque will accumulate on the retainers and only professional dental equipment can properly remove it.

Neglecting regular maintenance of your permanent retainers can lead to infection, inflammation which cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Expert Fixed Retainer Procedures in Melbourne

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