Having permanent dentures put in place is always a big step. It requires dental surgery, a period of healing with temporary dentures before the shift is made to custom made permanent dentures. The biggest challenge with dentures is becoming accustomed to speaking with them. While it can feel a bit awkward at first, getting used to speaking with dentures is just a matter of practicing a few useful techniques. King Street Dental offers tips on how to get used to your new dentures.

Practice Biting and Swallowing

It can take some time to get used to your new dentures. During this time, minor issues like excess saliva build up or slight shifts in denture position may occur until things settle down. Getting used to basic actions like biting down naturally and swallowing as you normally would also need conscious practice. Getting rid of excess saliva prevents slurring of words and gently biting down from time to time helps set the dentures in place. This also helps identify small issues with positioning and can indicate the need for dental adhesive if your dentist recommends it.

Practicing Your Pronunciation

Nearly all new denture users find that they experience difficulty when pronouncing certain words. Words with “f” and “s” sounds are particularly affected, but the good news is that a little practice can resolve this issue completely. We recommend facing a mirror and practicing your normal speech at first, to get used to the dentures. Try counting numbers to cover different vowels and syllables before moving on to “f” and “s” words, practicing your speech in a measured, relaxed and unselfconscious way.

Easy enough so far? Once you’re comfortable with normal speech, try tongue twisters like “she sells seashells by the seashore” to really get your skill level back to where it was!

Practice Reading Aloud

Take a few minutes each day to practice speaking out loud with structured sentences. Reading out loud from a newspaper or book will get you used to the sound of your voice. Focus on cadence, volume and clarity as you read a range of differently structured sentences.

Build Confidence

Many new denture users report issues with confidence in social situations. Being self-conscious about your speech can make it more difficult to speak clearly, as you will be preoccupied about every word you utter. It is critically important to get used to speaking to others, so we recommend practicing with your loved ones and even asking them for feedback on whether you sound different, so you can work on it in your own time.

Tooth Extraction and Dentures in Melbourne

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