General Dentistry

General Dentistry plays an important role in your long-term dental health, as it enables oral conditions to be identified early and effectively repaired. When it comes to the health of your teeth there are two factors: the role of your dentist and your role as the primary carer for your mouth.

The general dentistry services we offer include:


Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

We want to prevent your kids from experiencing more serious dental problems down the road. Our staff are great with children, ensuring they enjoy their dental visits from a young age. We offer additional treatments for children such as fluoride and fissure sealants.


Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic treatment, or a root canal, can save a tooth from extraction. Though in days past, you might associate such a procedure with pain, it will actually relieve your discomfort and be no more difficult than getting a filling. It may require multiple appointments depending on your particular situation.


Tooth-coloured Fillings

To restore decayed or broken teeth, we offer fillings made of tooth-coloured materials that blend in with your natural teeth and are extremely durable.