They make it sound so simple; buy the latest mouthwash, and you’ll solve all your bad breath-related problems. Each product promises to blast away all traces of bad breath instantly, for hours. But why is it that most of these products never seem to work? Is your breath beyond hope?

To successfully eliminate bad breath, it helps to know the various factors that play a role in creating chronic bad breath. Also known as halitosis, this condition is extremely common and easy to treat.

The Truth about Most Mouthwash Products

Most people reach for the first mouthwash they find because its quick to use, convenient and relatively inexpensive, especially when you’re in a rush. Unfortunately, the truth is that mouthwash can only perform a temporary cover up of the bad breath you’re trying to eradicate. Menthol flavourings and other substances help create the feeling of freshness, but almost never contain any effective anti-bacterial ingredients.

Understanding Halitosis and Bad Breath

The odour from bad breath is caused by the by products of harmful bacteria inhabiting the mouth. They multiply and mostly reside on the coating of the tongue, also known as biofilm. Bacteria in the biofilm feeds on dead skin cells, food debris and other particles in the mouth, creating their own ecosystem where they can live comfortably. Biofilm is virtually impossible to break down using most liquids, and has to be removed manually using mechanical dental tools.

Left unaddressed, layers of bacteria build on top of each other where they live without much air, feeding on organic matter and releasing compounds which we know as bad breath.

What Should an Effective Mouthwash Contain?

Here are some of the key ingredients that an effective therapeutic mouthwash should have.

Antibacterial Agents

The mouth is like a petri dish, a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When cleaned ineffectively, bits of food and other debris help these bacteria multiply and settle in hard to reach places.

Antibacterial agents like cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and chlorhexidine are proven to be effective in killing bacteria completely and also preventing the build up of plaque.

Plaque plays a major role in tooth decay as well as gum disease. A germicidal mouthwash provides you with all the long lasting protection you need.


A healthy mouth requires healthy teeth. A good mouthwash will contain fluoride so your tooth enamel gets an extra level of protection. Strong teeth are more resistant to plaque and bacterial build up.

Effective Mouthwash for Treating Bad Breath

Book an appointment at one of King Street Dental’s locations today, and let us help you eliminate bad breath permanently. Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, could be an indication of serious underlying dental problems, none of which can be eliminated with an ineffective mouthwash. Contact us today if you have questions about halitosis and the most effective dental products, tried and tested by expert dentists.