At King Street Dental, we take pride in keeping you away from the dentist’s chair by promoting preventive dental care. Sometimes, however, there are reasons a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Our emergency dentists have years of experience conducting quick and painless tooth extractions. Not only that, but we also provide patients with a comprehensive aftercare program to ensure you heal properly. Read on to learn more about our tooth extraction care program.

Tooth Extraction Care

  1. Maintain pressure on the gauze pad your dentist will have placed over the extraction area by biting down on it gently. Be sure to keep the gauze damp with water whenever it begins to dry out.
  2. Keep your head elevated and try to avoid too much activity. Around 48 hours after the extraction, use warm salt water to rinse your mouth every 2 hours. Mouthwash which contains alcohol should be avoid as this can cause more pain.
  3. When brushing, clean the areas around the extraction but stay away from the sutures since touching the wounded area can cause bleeding.
  4. Ice packs placed on the facial area near the extraction will help control swelling.
  5. Ensure that you take your prescribed medications on time.
  6. Consume only soft foods which are high in protein until the surgery site begins to heal. Remember to stay well hydrated at all times.
  7. Smokers should avoid smoking for at least 3-4 days as cigarette smoke can dry out the mouth and cause infection.

Within 14 days, your sutures should fall out or dissolve, which means you are healing well! The empty tooth socket will gradually fill in with bone and become smooth.

Tooth Fillings and Extractions in Melbourne

The King Street Dental emergency dental clinic performs advanced procedures daily. If you are experiencing severe complications after a tooth extraction procedure, visit our clinic for pain free expert dental services. Contact us today for more information on emergency dentistry, or book an appointment now!